It’s mah avatah an’ I do what I want.

Fucking people pissing me off man. This guy in a group I’m in starts going off about how he hates that a girl’s avatar can have a cute face and then “ruin” it with big boobs and/or ass. Starts making fun of the way it looks and talking about how a girl can make three asses out of the giant one she has and so on.

I don’t say anything for a while until he says something about the giant boobs would make her back sore and I had to make a smart ass comment about how luckily avatars don’t get sore.

And I was nice enough and wasn’t TRYING to start anything, but eventually the annoyance was building up.

Because…. who the fuck cares what your avatar looks like? I mean, sure, I make fun of some avis when they’re 800+ days old and wearing system shoes and bling or something. Or if I see someone with a gigantic ass I might say to Ell or whoever I’m talking to “Holy shit that’s a big ass”. But if you’ve taken the time to put your avatar together in a way that YOU find attractive, who is anyone to judge you?

Why should my PIXELS of all things have to live up to your beauty standards?

It’s fine that big boobs or asses or pink hair or tattoos or whatever aren’t your personal taste, but who are you to say that if they’re someone else’s they are “ruining” their avatar?

You’re being a self centered ass, that’s who you are.

I’ve considered leaving this group in the past just because even though it’s about a topic very near and dear to me, I can’t seem to just feel comfortable with them. I’ve tried going to hang out and whatever but…. *shrugs*. We’ll see though. I paid to be in the group so I shouldn’t leave it just because one guy came across like a judgmental and close minded dick.

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