Random 5am thoughts.

Tirreeeed. D: But I wanted to write down a few things before I pass out, especially since I’ve been so lazy the last few days and haven’t posted. First off, random pic of me at Rouge Brothel tonight.

Earlier I had a guy message me with a few questions about my services, namely if “no limits” meant NO limits. And generally they do. I mean, there are some things I might turn down if it’s something I don’t think I’d be GOOD at doing for them and they’d be better off finding someone with experience. But generally I’m willing to try about anything. So we chat for a while and he tells me the kind of scene and interests he wants to explore and lemme tell you…. the MAJORITY of escorts in SL probably wouldn’t touch those RPs. But I agree to give it a go and he TPs me. Then asks for my rates. I had ASSUMED he had taken my card from Rouge since when he IMed me that’s where he was. But nope. No problem. I pass him my card. And surprise, he says I’m too expensive. And that he knew I wouldn’t be cheap but he thought “not cheap” in Lindens was still less than I charge.

Fine, I hear that a lot. I wish him good luck and TP home. But it just made me laugh a little that he went into all that detail about the kind of scene he wanted and such but never bothered to look at my prices first. lol.

And just the other day I had another guy tell me my prices were reasonable.

Seriously, you are NOT going to get a decent looking girl, who can PROVE she is a girl, that has almost no limits, her own place and all her own sex furniture for the price of some random noob girl. Also, I speak pretty darn good English, am an experienced roleplayer and my emotes are more than decent. You get what you pay for. Ah well.

There was something else I was going to write about but fuck if I remember now.

Oh. Right. Ehhh. I’ll do that tomorrow. I’m tired.

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