Riddle me this.

Sometimes when I’m bored I look at the profiles of people on my friends list. Just seeing what they’ve updated and reading what they have to say, that kind of stuff. This guy had a riddle in his picks and was offering 20k to anyone that solved it. I thought it looked familiar so I sent him a message saying I thought I had seen it before on Reddit or somewhere, and if it was the same one I thought _____ was the answer. So he messages me this morning.

Him: You are a idiot.. no one answered my riddle on reddit or any other website.

Me: Hey, no need for insult if I was wrong. I just said it looked familiar so I’d give it a go. No wonder you’re lonely if you’re so quick to insult. [ * one of his picks had been all about how he was lonely *]
Him: Harlot, there was no reason for you to even “reply”…. Anything you say to me is moot. As is vice verse… leave me alone.
Him: Also, I have reason.. it just does not fit with your perspective…
Me: Lol, ok, I guess this means you don’t want to stay on my friends list in case you get lonely enough for an escort? Since that’s what you had said to me when we meet at Rock-a-baby after all.
Him: I am not the only person who used this account, nor do I care. Piss off.

Him: Also, saved you the trouble. Deleted you in advanced.. I never spoke to you, and never cared to. What you and John talked about, is no concern to me.

Me: Alrighty, thank you ever so much. Try not to fall off your high horse and have a nice day.
Him: Piss off.

What a pleasant fellow. He’s sure to have lots of friends and people that cherish their time with him.

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