"Rare" is not a strong enough word.

I was wandering about today renting some adboards on places that advertise freelance escorts, and of course someone had to IM me looking for a freebie.

[15:10] Guy: u only do escort right? or u do it sometimes also cause u r in mood šŸ˜€
[15:11] Slut Fallen: sometimes just because, but its really, really rare. I like money. A lot.
[15:11] Guy: poofed
[15:11] Guy: lol
[15:11] Slut Fallen: yeah, don’t think I’m gonna get hired from there. *laughs*
[15:12] Guy: where r u now?^^
[15:12] Slut Fallen: my home.
[15:12] Guy: ohhh
[15:12] Guy: tp tp!

Needless to say I think that I did NOT tp him to my home. That didn’t deter him though.

[15:22] Guy: pretty boring no? lol
[15:22] Slut Fallen: most places are I guess
[15:22] Guy: what if i tp u in a nice place and we have some fun? šŸ˜€
[15:24] Slut Fallen: lol, I said it was rare I do anything for free.
[15:24] Guy: im aiming on that “rare”!
[15:24] Guy: šŸ˜›
[15:25] Slut Fallen: lol, just talking to me for a few minutes and then saying, more or less the equivalent of “wanna fuck?” doesn’t work. The rare times are when someone genuinely manages to turn me on.

At this point I just got bored and muted him. >.<


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