You are not special.

Let me clarify. I don’t mean it is impossible to be special to an escort. You can most certainly be a friend, boyfriend, lover, partner to an escort. What I mean is you are not immediately special just on the basis of having them on your friends list.

If you hire me once and never actually speak to me, you are a client. If you never IM me to ask how things are going or do anything other than give me a little text grope and make a stab at getting a freebie, you are not special. I’m not going to fall in love with you. I’m not going to throw myself at your feet.

You’ve never set foot in my club. You’ve never had a conversation with me that goes past “/me grabs your ass”. You hired me for my services one time. Sure, that time may have been fun. We may have enjoyed ourselves. But you never once tried to get to know me on any other level. Hell, you never even paid me again. Just desperately grasped at straws and begged for freebies. You are not special to me. You are some random guy, who by the way is partnered, that could only afford my prices once upon a time.

I don’t know about other escorts, but I’m fairly sure this is a major pet peeve of the industry. Just because a guy can pay me for sexytimes does not mean my emotions or my love are also priced to go. If you want to get close to an escort perhaps try actually interacting with them. There are lots of places in SL to get some free pixel pussy. In my IM box is not one of those places. Not for you.

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