I just hate everything today.

Ugh, I log on today and I’m just instantly irritated and annoyed. The club bot has almost NOTHING on it after paying back the other owner what she paid in to join the FemDomme group we made for the club, so I had to pay in 1k out of my pocket. >.<

Now I have to try to earn 1k more than I had planned on for my house tier today. So I’m standing around Redlight and this guy that thinks he’s my sugar daddy IMs me wanting to fuck and I just flat out tell him that I don’t have time for any freebies today. He paid me 4k ONCE. That doesn’t make him my sugar daddy. That pays for tier for one damn week, ok? I cost an awful lot more than that.

Then at Redlight some girl IMs me to warn me about a guy named Kriss. Apparently he’s *gasp* VULGAR! NOoooooOooo! A vulgar man? ON AN ESCORT SIM OF ALL PLACES?!? Say it isn’t so! Lord. At least that was vaguely entertaining for a minute. But while I’m paying for the club out of my pocket, AND paying for my home I have no money whatsoever to go to the Arcade. Which severely depresses me since that’s pretty much one of my top 5 favorite things in SL evar. And this round has so much stuff that I want it’s absolutely ridiculous. *sighs*

Oh well. There’s still plenty of time to get it all. I probably wouldn’t even be able to get on the Sim today if I tried anyways.

*makes herself comfortable at Redlight*


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