I might be a little slow to put things together sometimes, but that’s because I’m frequently putting together little things no one else noticed.

Let’s take last night in the club for example.

Cast of characters:
Me – Me. Obviously.
D – Girl that has worked there for a long time.
X – Random trainee girl.
Mk – Guy that comes in there fairly often.
L – Random guy there.

So. I’m writing this out because I JUST figured it out. Not like I was thinking about last night or trying to figure anything. I didn’t think there was anything to figure out. But apparently my brain put together pieces I didn’t know I had while I slept.

D and X are dancing on stage. I come in and MK says hello and I start dancing. L says hi and all of us are talking on voice a bit. MK says he wishes he had 8 more linden, because then he’d have 69L and makes a joke about how his partner had gone to see him DJ and only tipped him 38L. D laughs and says she sounds like someone she’d get along with. At this point I look at his profile because he comes in there fairly often and I didn’t remember him being partnered. It’s to some girl, we’ll call B.

MK later comes over and sits with me, whereas he’d previously been sitting with D. He proceeds to flirt with me on voice quite a bit. Nothing too bad, just playful flirting and of course I flirt back. L leaves the club to go to bed or something at this point. MK stays sitting with me for a while until some other random guy comes in. He moves back to sit with D, commenting that he was being a chair whore. Few minutes go by and MK IMs me to ask if his flirting was “agressive”. I said no, and I had enjoyed it. To which he replies that someone had said to him that he might as well just fuck me on the floor right there in the club. I didn’t ask who said it, but of course it struck me as odd. Who would care that he and I were flirting?

At some point he also mentioned D’s accent.

When he logs for the night he says good night, and happy Thanksgiving, or for B, happy Thursday. I’d forgotten at that point that B was the name of his partner. I just assumed maybe it was D’s real name and he had slipped and used it.

Later he IMs me asking “What did I say about Thursday?” At that point, it hadn’t stuck in my mind so I said I had no clue. Now though, once it’s all fit itself together in my head without the background of chattering with people and trying to stay awake, it’s blatantly obvious to me that B is D’s alt and she and MK partnered on that name.


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