Mild Aggravation.

I was dancing at the club I work at this morning and this guy comes in and tips me. He sits down in a chair at the stage next to me, which was empty, because the chair directly in front of me was taken. When the person sitting there leaves I say to him in local that he can feel free to scoot over and sit closer now if he would like to. Keep in mind he’d already been tipping me and we’d already been talking. He and I joke back and forth a bit and then he moves over and sits with me.

Then I get an IM from the manager that was working there at the moment telling me not to tell people to sit with me.

Uhm. I didn’t? He’d been tipping me so I just let him know that he could sit with me if he wanted to. And I see girls do this ALL the time. The owner, managers, everyone tells guys they are welcome to have a seat. It’s not like I told him to come sit with me when he was just some random guy standing around. He was someone that was already tipping me and interacting with me and I simply let him know that he could sit with me instead of sitting at the empty stage if he wanted to.

I just replied to her and said “k” instead of trying to argue my point, because fuck it. Whatever. But it just got on my nerves a little bit that I got called out when I don’t think I actually did anything wrong. That happens there though. I once got accused of copy/pasting emotes because, and I quote, “no one can type that fast.” Bullshit. Just because you can’t type 80wpm doesn’t mean that no one can.

All in all I really do like the club I work at. But every once in a while something just irks me a bit.

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