Missing Kovu // Working

I’m not really ready to talk about what happened with Kovu yet. He’s still in my partner box, and everything was on good terms. He just needed to leave SL for a while. And I miss him like crazy.

Still trying to work and breed the kitties and just keep myself entertained. Here’s what happened at Redlight this evening that kind of gave me a chuckle:

[01:13] Jacques: hey
[01:14] Slut Fallen: hello 🙂
[01:19] Slut Fallen: can I help you?
[01:19] Jacques Jacques  (auto-response): Got some Lindens for me? pleaaase ! …
[01:20] Jacques : you cam?
[01:20] Slut Fallen: sometimes, but guessing from your autoresponse message, you probably can’t afford me.
[01:21] Jacques : lol

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