What’s your digits?

I’ve seen this going around the SL blogosphere for about a year or so now, and I decided I’d finally give it a go. After looking at the numbers I’ve realized I may have a bit of a gorilla arm thing going on. Hah.

And my boobs are a lot larger than most of the SL fashonista’s that I see. But hey. When you work as a pixel stripper and escort, it’s totally allowed. But that does make fitting mesh clothing a pain in the ass sometimes. I have a few mesh tops that I’ll wear that either come with a busty option, or they’re just totally worth my tweaking my shape a bit to wear. I don’t mind if the outfit is super worth it. It’s not like I can’t change it back to this afterwards. xD Ah the joys of SL. I wish I had body shape sliders in RL.


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