Another introduction.

I’ve made a lot of blogs over the years, but none of them have ever really lasted very long. Except my livejournal. And I think the reason I keep moving around and making more blogs is because I want to have an experience that is comparable to LJ. I wrote in that many times a day, for years. I made some true friends there. Some that I still have now. And ever since I’ve been looking for another place and way to bare my soul without fear of judgement. Every new blog I make I tell myself, “This will be the one. This will be the blog where I can talk about anything and everything.” And somehow, it never works out that way. It always turns into a niche blog and then I end up with several to keep track of. My sex blog. My depression blog. My “normal” blog. My secondlife blog. And then because I’m oversaturated with blogs to choose from, they all end up like crap and I end up unsatisfied.

So. Here we go again. This is going to be an attempt at a for realsies “everything” blog. No holding back anything. No hiding my feelings or the like.

I’m sure it’s gonna be a fucked up ride.

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